MONTERA is a Turkish company specialized in the production of Bleaching Earth. MONTERA's production facility is located near Ankara and its head office is in Istanbul.

In the early 90’s, a team of experienced geologists and mining experts set up a company to supply high quality raw Bentonite to Bleaching Earth manufacturing factories from their own mines.

After years of being in the industry and operating some of the most important Bentonite reserves, they have decided to join their forces with Bleaching Earth manufacturing specialists and created MONTERA.

The founders of MONTERA have more than 27 years of experience in the Bleaching Earth industry.

MONTERA has been a pioneer in innovation in cooking oil bleaching, and technical team holds some patents under their name.

After 3 years of starting their production, MONTERA became amongst the top suppliers of Bleaching Earth in Turkish Edible Oil market. Turkish edible oil refining companies recognize MONTERA with quality products and excellent on site service. After receiving positive feedback and satisfaction from the clients in Turkey, MONTERA decided to expand in to other countries, currently exporting to more than 12 countries, and in talks with local companies for agency / distributorship in more than 16 countries.

MONTERA is investing for a new Research and Development Centre. Thanks to this R&D Centre, it will be able to provide first class service to the Edible Oil Industry and develop its products according to the requirements of its customers.

MONTERA is known and appreciated by many international cooking oil refining companies for on-site service and problem solving expertise.

MONTERA's vision is to provide innovative, reliable and technically advanced quality products.